Our Mission

The dream of Seven Spirits was born in August of 2021, sitting in a rehabilitation center, listening to my brother speak on how Jesus had broken his chains. It wasn't really until that moment in my life where I realized what Jesus was and is capable of, complete restoration. I left that night feeling a peace I had never known. Growing up in a faith-filled household, I really thought I knew what God was all about. It wasn't until that faith was tested that I recognized how shallow it really was. There were times I didn't know if anyone was even listening to my prayers. But then Jesus showed up, and completely and utterly wrecked me that August night. 

A few days later, I started to feel the call that led me to Seven Spirits. I knew I wanted to do whatever it took to make my life my ministry. I just didn't know how. I've always been drawn to fitness. Whether it be weights or full on cardio, I love it. My family owns a Screen-Printing shop in my hometown. Boom. The stars aligned. An activewear brand.

But not just any activewear brand. I wanted to make a difference. This is why a portion of every sale this brand makes is going to go towards helping others fight addiction, and hopefully other great Kingdom causes. 

But how did the name come about? I prayed for a revelation for quite some time. One day I figured, hey, why not flip to the book of Revelation. And there it was, in the 4th verse in the 1st chapter, "...the seven spirits that are before His throne". I knew it the second I read it. I did some research, and God revealed to me something so beautiful. You can read more about it at the top of the home page.

We are called to glorify God with whatever we do. To Him be the honor.

God Bless,

Noah Brady


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